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Re: 95 Giants Full Season Teams

Starting to investigate some full season u15 or u16 teams for next year. Thoughts on 95 Giants? Good? Bad? Well coached? Ice time? Off-Ice?

I have a handle on the Kings, so want to compare. Seems like Boch Militia is a joke?

Any help would be great.
It's clearly Lovell's second level team. I don't think they even have a Full Season U16 team this year. Opinions are definitely mixed. I've talked with several parents from the different teams. Some are there until HS starts and then probably play sporadically after that. Some play because their HS is either really low level hockey, or really good.

A parent was on here a few weeks ago, convinced that they are in the T1EHL. Said he was told that, and said the schedule reflected it. They are not, and if you are told they are, you're being sold. They're going to be a crash test dummy to round out the field in some showcases because the Oakland Jr Grizzlies left for the HPHL, leaving an odd number of teams. That's it.

Opinions on the coach are also mixed. RL's a screamer. Some parents see him as a tool bag, with no real hockey experience and a drunk. Other parents seem to think that's what their kid needs (the screaming, not the drinking). From my personal experience, I wouldn't trust him to park my car.

I don't think Boch Militia ended up having a FS team. either. They also were telling parents they would be in a league (ECEL) that they aren't in. Tryouts were a s#it show. I don't know if any kids got screwed when they didn't field a team. I did see their U18 FS team play, pretty good, but the roster was from all over the country, bunch of kids from TX, very few local kids.

If billeting isn't an option, I'd look at BA, BJB or SSK. Problem with all is, can get your kid there for afternoon practices?

Re: 95 Giants Full Season Teams

From what I know, typical Lovell program. Lots of ice at tough times, not much communication and mostly about skill and skating development. No teaching of actual hockey. Practices well run and the kids move but zero situational coaching during games. New program that may need a better hockey mind driving it. Simple standard systems like most FS teams at that age.

Looks like the no u16 team but the 15’s and 18’ s aren’t half bad.

Probably not the mess that the Knights are but not BA yet. Top notch facility though so I would expect growth if they get things in order.

Re: 95 Giants Full Season Teams

If you are actually paying 8K a year then I’m sorry your kid is not that good. RL is a screamer, does run a good practice, however is not a good coach. Only screams and punishes the kids if they lose but never provides detail in any part of the game to make them better.

Re: 95 Giants Full Season Teams

Program off to a good start overall. Very nice facility. Lots of ice. Big fumble on the u16 team this year and ultimately not having one. Not sure why the good first year players opted not to return. Problem they have is too many games too early in season and way too young of players. Lovell likes playing kids up for exposure but before u18 it’s usually a bad idea. Most 01’s not ready for u18, same for 02’s for u16 and especially not 03’s for u16, or even u15 for that matter. Too immature and small.

TL did this last year, playing all 02’s up at u15 level. Got bounced around quite a bit and struggled. Kept the same team at u15 this year and they are seem to be performing well per MHR.

Once the program figures out less travel, reasonable game schedules and an actual coach vs screamer they will be fine....

Re: 95 Giants Full Season Teams

Programs and teams are great. Good variety of competitiin, tons of ice.