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Top 5 Comment of the Year Candidate '17 : Who will win EHF Silver

Quote Reply Re: Who will win 06 EHF Silver?
Quote: Mad Hatter
The Flames will run the table. They were screwed in parity round. Qualified for white but we're not placed correctly. They also have the best looking Assistant coach in the entire league. Guy looks like he knows his way around a bottle of hair gel. Assistant coaching is what wins championships, this squad has the best in the league, no doubt they win. Also don't mind the amount of rockets in the stands and the dads crushing lip dinnas.

That guy can do a mean jangle on the bench door handle to let the kids know it's time to dump and change lines as well. Not to mention the harassing of the refs for a non call is an underrated quality. Of particular note this year for that coaching staff will be the berating that will come for icing the puck on the PK.

Re: Top 5 Comment of the Year Candidate '17 : Who will win EHF Silver

I know op is checking his post every day. So read this to yourself everyday. You are a loooooser