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Re: Why can't the girls hit?

A girl comes down the wing and my girl angles her off into the board. Not a check, no banging into the glass. The other girl gets separated from the puck and falls. You hear OMG from everyone in the stands like someone was robbed...Referee hears this and blows the whistle, penalty.
calling you out. as a D hs coach this is what we teach our team. never been called. btw it is more effective than those boys hits and it is now being taught to them. pinning/holding a player against the board isn't either as is the 'stuff' in front of the net. then again we are D1 and playing high level tournament bound teams: so either you are playing very weak teams, saw it once or this is the ramblings of...

Re: Why can't the girls hit?

From what I have seen there is plenty of contact (angling, pinning, etc) that doesn't get called. I don't think big hits would add anything to the girls' game, and would likely result in a lot of concussions. That is not sexist, just science: girls suffer concussions at a much higher rate than boys in sports like soccer. Girls hockey is still a very dynamic game with lots of change of control, unlike for example girls' lacrosse.

Re: Why can't the girls hit?


Re: Why can't the girls hit?

They're called b00bs, Ed

Re: Why can't the girls hit?

Thanks Professor!!!