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Re: Custom Radiuses

I think a better analogy for custom radius is your driver is a 9 degree, 11 degree or 14 degree loft. The nuance is slight and the better your fundamentals, the more you can get out of the types of radius...I would add No Icing for those in NH.
agree with both. Been using No Icing for years: machine feeds the blades for a more consistent cut and he has people from across the country mail them in. you have a good shop if they tailor their cut based on the players position, size, ability. if they don't --- not a huge deal until HS: where every edge is a plus.
but why stop at radius and profiling? what about flat bottom? saucing them - save money and go to a ski shop (ski racers have been using Teflon for years).

Re: Custom Radiuses

Son gave the 'flat bottom V' sharpening a shot a few years ago and didn't adjust to it. Seemed the edges were more fragile too so more could go wrong with them.

For me as a parent the biggest improvement is to switch-out the blades day one of the skates to better quality steel. For $50 a pair the better steel just holds up better and holds an edge longer needing less sharpening. Pays for itself in a couple months time and lasts longer.

Re: Custom Radiuses

totally agree. My son has been going there for a while. He's an 06 EHF White player so he needs it. Before going there his top speed was 5.2 mph. Now, a solid 5.4.

Re: Custom Radiuses

Do many parents have any idea on custom radiuses for the kid's skates? It would seem some skate shops would be making a killing if people only knew the difference this makes.

Parents don't have any idea that their kids skates are not tied properly. Some kids cant even tie their own skates at pee wee, you think those kids understand or will benefit from a custom radius.

please, most parents are here only for the gloves, helmet stickers, bags and warm ups and don't really care or know about their kids skates.