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Re: Coaching Under the Influence

A bunch of Morris Buttermakers out there. Getting Drunk or High before a game as a Coach? No wonder the alcohol and drug abuse rates are so high. It is a learn behavior you clowns. You thing you are just teaching them hockey. Just like physical abuse and yell and acting like a clown in the stand. A lot of finger pointing not enough responsibility. That is right, it is always someone else fault. My actions or behaviors cannot be the reason for the problems around me or my environment.
Enjoy your up coming weekend of self indulgence and yell at kids!!!!
Who said anything about getting drunk? Or high? That wasn't what the thread was about.

The question I posed to the santimonious poorkids (I did find the word) is why it's OK for a parent, as a responsible adult, to have an occasional beer - A beer - and not a coach?

These guys get paid practically nothing and have to put up with not only the poorly behaved kids but the unreasonable expectations of parents.

Would I want a coach that gets polluted every day after work, and comes to practice? No. But I'm not going to be unreasonable about it, either.

Dude, if you can't set aside your drinking a few nights a week until after the game/practice then you likely have a problem. How is this debatable? If the coach is a decent responsible guy and happens to have a drink or two at an engagement after work. No problem, not an issue. As a matter of practice, you are drinking just for drinkings sake before practice or a game then you need help. God help you if you get an accident with your kid ( and others) after a few.