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Youth Hockey
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Re: Tis the season.....

We have a mom/dad combo. Kid is lazy and targets teammates in the locker room. Apples don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t fall far.....
So true... every rink has these types. This is about the time of the season they start making themselves known.
Also known as Drama Mama and Mad Dad.
We have two goalies , one goalies parents are quite and as normal as goalie parents can be. Other goalies dad is nuts, when his kid plays the kids give up 40-50 shots per game. When the other kid plays we barely give up 15. So if we win 6-4 with his kid in net we give up 44 shots. We win 6-4 with other goalie in net we give up 14 shots.

Same dad has already started asking who has been offered a contract for next year. Gotta love the youth hockey life.
Not following your logic. Why would a team give up 3+x more shots because of the goalie dad?
Goalie dad likes to claim his kid stops 40 shots a game, while the other goalie lets in same amount of goals on far less shots. Basically his kid is a stud and the other kid is a sieve.

Re: Tis the season.....

Yup.... bottom of our roster is suddenly missing at practice. Pretty sure they're already looking for next season's landing spot.