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Youth Hockey
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Re: Not posting scores

looks like you will need to draft some players from Greater lowell and such
just to round out fantasy fed black team ...
e9 can have Winchester or S. Boston left overs

Re: Not posting scores

S. McGavin
If there was such a thing I would expect the Tier 1 Black team to bury the E9 dream team
Do you have any original thoughts?

Re: Not posting scores

Are any other teams having issues with their results not posting on My Rankings? The 04 EHF volunteer is SLOW.

Re: Not posting scores

Why do so many get so worked up about scores and even myhockey rankings? For the love of god, this is youth hockey. You will look back and laugh at what you got so worked up about when you kid isn't playing anymore. I can only assume you know your kids score so you really already know all you need to know and I'm sure your goal/assist/etc is nicely logged on your excel sheet. It will all be OK