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Re: 10 Types of Hockey Parents

12. The Islander - Inhabitants of Martha\'s Vineyard or Nantucket who occasionally come \"off island\" to play in a tournament. Because of alcohol poisoning, they can\'t grasp the concept that most girl town programs only have one team per age bracket. They immediately cry foul when they play against other town programs who happen to have a couple \"select\" girls mixed in. They are hopeful the whaling industry makes a comeback and are asking Santa for a new scallop rake.
How about the assistant coach dad whose kid is one of the bottom players, yet decides to tell the HC how to run the team so as to benefit his bender of a kid? (you know who you are SS peeps) What's their category? Rose colored wearing glasses dad?
Nobody is going to take a post by someone who calls themself a "Flamer" seriously.

Re: 10 Types of Hockey Parents

So which one are you? Be honest with yourself :grinning:

1. Socialite - sits in stands distracting all other parents and barely watches the game because your too chatty

2. Focused - stands with other parents but borderline rude because your not paying attention to the Socialites

3. Analyst - stands with others and breaks down every play for parents around you, often referencing your playing days

4. Commentator - in the stands with parents and openly makes negative comments about all players but their own

5. Intense Commentator - alone muttering to self about players, coach, refs, trying to hide psychoness from others

6. Screamer - non-stop loses mind screaming at ever little thing (trip!, head shot!, shoot!, skate!)

7. Glass Banger - stands in the corner with buddies and bangs on glass on every play - their kid is always the victim

8. Corner Psycho - alone away from all, intensely pacing every time their kid on ice, switches ends each period

9. Mid-Ice Glass - stands directly across from bench at mid ice, watching coach\'s every move, counting shifts and TOI

10. Normal Corner - quietly watches game away from all above, other end from Corner Psycho
A few more types are:

The Knob Polisher - the dad who meets coach in parking lot before each game and polishes his knob.
CheckMate - Coaches side kick at away games and tourneys who always picks up coaches check.
The Mole - the mom / dad who act as a double agent and go undercover around parents and their conversations and report
back to the coach.
The Party Parent - the mom / dad who throw team parties all the time but their lil johnny shouldn't be on team yet they throw a good party a few times per month and are kept around.