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Re: Pro Ambitions come on now!!!!!

if they did, they would quickly win back all their former customers who" figured it out".
It's a small group, on purpose. The Weekend skills are about quality, not quantity. That's why the price is higher. We've done them, the intensity is very high. And, since it's stretched out over the entire season, it has a more lasting impact than a five day camp.

The summer camps are the opposite - quantity over quality - and are priced accordingly.

You might want to brush up on your microeconomic theory.

Re: Pro Ambitions come on now!!!!!

Just seen an add that says they have reinvented power skating. OMG get real will you people!!!
^^This person likely said the same thing when Steve Jobs told everyone he reinvented the telephone or Faraday told his colleagues he made a motor from copper wire and magnets.