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Youth Hockey
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Re: Wake up time for the parents

Only one kid from the Islanders (who is still on the islanders) is on that team. Maybe your little guy will make the select Brick team
Correct. As I said, one of the IHC kids left, joined the VJW team and is in consideration for the Brick team, as a VJW player. What part of that do you not understand?

Re: Wake up time for the parents

There may be 1 kid from the E9 that could possibly make the Brick and he isn't from the VJW

Re: Wake up time for the parents

Only 3 kids left IHC to go to VJW. Heard they couldn\'t make the IHC elite team
One of those kids is a lock for the 08 Brick team. Pretty sure he left IHC cuz of nutso parent/coach combo over there.
Does CM know that?