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Re: Period Changes

It's all about just getting the best view of play. I will first try the stands if the viewing area is high enough and good. I will stand by glass if stands suck and will switch ends after each period. If you have an issue with people switching ends to get a better view of the offensive play which is more exciting, then you have some serious deeper issues.
So, what you are saying is that someone that understand that the flow of play through all three zones is what makes hockey great has "serious deeper issues?"

You are a fan boy. Even given your shallowness that only the offensive play is exciting, why would you need to switch ends? You're still in an offensive end.

Ohhhh, what you REALLY mean is, only the end your little Forward plays in is exciting. Everyone else should just go home.

I'll leave you with two words that your little cherry picker has probably never heard.

Back. check.

Re: Period Changes

02 Top Gun “EHF Teir1” dads were the masters of the 200 foot walk. All 9 forward’s dads seemed to move in unison from squirts thru u14. High fives all around when the rare goal was scored. They seemed to be confused and unorganized at NESC games as certain rink’s designs made the walk more difficult to navigate.