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Re: hockey in Minnesota vs Mass

You're catching on! Good for you! Don't ever let anyone tell you, your not well informed! God forbid you were actually gullable enough to believe otherwise. It a Rich Mans Game (Developing, Owning, Running and Recruiting Hockey Teams) you're just a piece of the puzzle. How many camps, clinics are you signed up for so far??
60% of shooting and passing skills are developed in the driveway. Free...

On a side note: How is your retirement investments coming along? We are looking at the largest bear market in history - I am sure that your wise enough to contribution your precious dollars into something that actually matters!!! Ha! Or how about an Education Fund?? Or is Johnny going to be getting D1 Hockey scholarship to school of YOUR dreams?? Fact is most of these kids are 1 injury away from being illiterate, most parent are not investing their retirement and the amount of cash being spent would be 5x what it is now if invested... They versus be some "never was" player, Johnny might actual have a chance at something besides investing 9 months a year in something he won't be doing much longer, after he get injured that is!
Non-hockey parents aren't saving for their retirement, either. They just spend their money on other stupid **** that they don't really need.

Re: hockey in Minnesota vs Mass

More goalies are coming out of Mass. Hockey East is the some of best D1 hockey in the country. But, then just look at Warroad, MN - could MA every really compete with what is happening there - don't think so!

Re: hockey in Minnesota vs Mass

Trust me it's a much better model versus the model here in mass.