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Youth Hockey
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Re: Who are the best youth coaches?

Ask around, or go check out a game at the birth year you are interested in and observe how the coach conducts themselves on the bench. I have found that for PW and younger, the constant screaming lunatic coach gets no where because kids tune him out or the younger kids are paralyzed in fear of making a mistake... you need to find the coach who strikes the balance of positive reinforcement along with the occasional yell for Johnny to get his head out of his butt! Lol

Re: Who are the best youth coaches?

Who are the best youth coaches, and why? What makes them such good coaches?
Focused on skill development and hockey IQ. Secure enough in their approach and reputation to put winning secondary to player development. Teaches the kids to respect the game, their opponents, and the officials. Recognizes that the quality of kids and families makes the youth hockey grind much more enjoyable, so willing to turn away a crazy family. Therefore, pretty much no way a parent of a kid with a great youth coach will ever post their name or initials on this site.

Re: Who are the best youth coaches?

Agreed, but will say when I think back some of the best coaches my kids had was within the state league system... developed them to be able to play at the club level. Club level coaches can go either way... I’d say best coaches are the ones who don’t have a kid on the team and therefore no skin in the game other than to develop the team! Find that coach, tell no one, and hang on for dear life!!! Lol