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Youth Hockey
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Re: Off Ice Training

No sure how old but u12 no weights. Any type of core strength training is good. Bird/dog, chin ups, lunges, squats, push ups, light cardio for endurance. Swimming is great for pliability and flex. Stretching, yoga, all good. Keep it simple.

Re: Off Ice Training

Send them outside to shoot pucks and mess around playing street hockey in the driveway. That's really all they need at that age. If you start training them like Ivan Drago they might start to look at the sport as work and lose the love of the game.

Re: Off Ice Training

Thanks, that's great advice.BTW who is Ivan Drago? Lol!

Re: Off Ice Training

Again, just looking for tips here. Not trying to get my kids "jacked" or "swole" just stronger and more flexible.

Re: Off Ice Training

Last question, would it be better to have my kids focus on hips and quad strength or core strength? I've always had both, from swimming and volleyball, but my two hockey players can't tread water or get off the ground to do an over hand power spike to save their lives. Not sure how I ended up with hockey players but I guess you can't choose what your kids are passionate about,right? Lol!!! :joy: :joy:

Thanks again for taking the time to give me some sound advice and not making this about my son's not being good just because I'm asking some questions on chat board.

Re: Off Ice Training

Can’t decide if you are just an ass hat or a troll... perhaps both?