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Re: Americans tryouts

Like Kevin Weeks says " Welcome to the National"!!!!

Re: Americans tryouts

Are the Uniforms Chartreuse? The Dbaord should come together and see if we can get the name changed to the Chartreuse Americans...

Re: Americans tryouts

From what tier 1 black and tg elite kids

Re: Americans tryouts

My 05 duster was stumbling around out there. 42 skaters plus 5 goalies. A lot of good players there; could be pretty good if they could get the 15 best of those who were there.

The 08s, as you would expect, were stacked. The hour before the 05s, they had about 60 skaters and 2 goalies.

Re: Americans tryouts

Lots of Max Pro Jets at 05 level...

Re: Americans tryouts

Simply said, if you sign your duster up for a team that plays out of that rathole, you hate your kid. Period!