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Re: USA Hockey Changes - 2018/2019

Fantastic—-however the 08’s will still have the “Elite” designation because they are stacked.

Re: USA Hockey Changes - 2018/2019

Only the 07 IHC Elite parents refer to their kids as elite. This is the most spoiled bunch of brats this side of the Mississippi. I love when my sons team plays them and yes we blow us out every time! The parents hardly talk to one another. They teach their kids that 10 year old hockey is the most important thing in the world and having hair that goes down to your ass is the new trend.

Re: USA Hockey Changes - 2018/2019

another jealous idiot heard from

Re: USA Hockey Changes - 2018/2019

Some of this is old news.

Percentage of teams Tier 1 National Bound teams allowed per district based on population formula has been in place now for 2 years. Mass has not yet hit numbers at , U14 Co-ed, U14 Girls and U15 Co-ed, U18 Co-ed and U16 Co-ed but has hit ceiling at U19 Girls and U16 Girls. Districts do have the ability to waiver teams in to exceed number of allowable teams.

Full-season/Half Season eligibility for Nationals was proposed by Mid Atlantic individual who also propounded a bunch of other changes like all games in certain age groups would have to be played under National Tournament period length rules - this would force 18 minute periods and ice floods at the oldest age group. None of the proposals by the Mid Atlantic individual received recommendations at the Annual Winter meeting in January. Rules will be voted on at the June Annual meeting.

There is a large part of the nation that does not understand that for a lot of Districts youth hockey teams are secondary and school teams are primary. New England District, New York District, Minnesota District & Mass District all run a different model based upon prep/public teams in the winter. Requiring full season received a very chilly reception when presented to the youth council.

Playing Rule changes can't happen this year as last year was a Playing Rule change year.

Re: USA Hockey Changes - 2018/2019

A friend is active with USA Hockey. Not sure of exact role or title but votes on proposed changes. Says the following is taking place for next year:

- standardizing League’s placement and naming of levels Mites to Midgets to Tier 1, (AAA) Tier 2 AA or A) Tier 3 (B) Tier 4 (C)....each will only be allowed x number of Tier 1 teams based on per capita player numbers...all leagues and programs must adhere to this so no more elite, Premier, select. Fed Elite has to be renamed to Tier 1 AAA, current Tier 1 Fed has to become Tier 2 AA and A, and teams below them Tier 3 (B) Town teams will remain Tier 2 and call themselves AA or A depending on # of teams at given level and what league they are in.

- only Full Season teams qualify for Nationals, not 1/2 season. Big disruption to the good Fall Prep teams but validates USA hockey’s support of the money making machine hockey is

- icing rules for u14 and below stays

- any hit on numbers or head automatic Major

- only Full Season teams qualify for Nationals, not 1/2 season. - so that essentially ends any chances of Mass competing at Nationals. Every Mass team U14/U16/U18 that qualifies for Nationals are prep players that played 1/2 season.

Re: USA Hockey Changes - 2018/2019

So what about the Advantage u15 team that won Mass and is heading to Nationals? They are a full season team....