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Re: E9 Vs Tier 1 black

All I know is that 12 E9 kids have already skated at my kid’s T1 practice in the last month with half of them coming from one club in particular, (rhymes with Carriers) *cough-cough* . Keep fooling yourself into thinking T1 kids “move up” to E9.. And here’s the kicker... that loon of a coach plans to replace his defecting skaters with town kids. Good luck with that! 18-19 is going to be a complete dumpster fire up in Haverhill. Don’t ask me what birth year either, figure it out.
Dipstick - those are select level players not elite level players.
Elite play in E9
Select play in BHL.

T1 Black is a step up from BHL.

There should be a comprehension test up there in IHC land. Pull it together.
Keep fooling yourself you simpleton. Elite Warrior kids are coming to our practices, not Select... and may I add, they’re not even that good. One Dad lost his collective s#%+ when he was told his ‘elite warrior’ bender wasn’t good enough to make our T1 team.
I believe it.. several Elite and Tier 1 Black kids/parents (mostly parents) were utterly disgusted when they could not make our "elite" team. Yea, our elite team that plays in the BHL American !

You guys are so comical !

Re: E9 Vs Tier 1 black

I don't have a horse in this race but have close knowledge of both.

It's really close and depends on the team. In '06, I think the top 2 or 3 E9 teams might be a goal better than the top Black teams. It might be the difference of one or two players. The top Black teams are likely better than at least half of the E9 teams.

Weight the coaches, the commute, your gut...