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Re: Best sskat sharpening

Don Moon
Charles F Moore
None better

Re: Best sskat sharpening

Cooke’s. Best fitting and sharpening

Re: Best sskat sharpening

Lemay's Rhode Island...

Expert, 30+ years!!

Re: Best sskat sharpening

His old man was no question. Sonny boy not so much. Bring an blade edge checker with you next time (He doesn't own one...they cost 70 bucks) and see how uneven your edge is

Re: Best sskat sharpening

Most pro shops are moving to sparks.

Re: Best sskat sharpening

Most pro shops are moving to sparks.
Most means more than 50%. I know of one, and I'm sure there are a few others, but it's still nowhere close to "most."

if you are going to a pro shop, as in "professional," and they have a Sparx, as in "reasonably priced convenient home machine," you should find a new place. Sparx takes more metal off, and it also doesn't go as high up on the heel and toe of the blade as a professional sharpener should.

The only way I would be happy to see a Sparx in a pro shop is because I don't trust most places to do a consistently good job. Sparx is consistent. It isn't "professional" level.