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Re: Hockey Sticks

Does anyone know of a place in New England that you can get custom fitted for a hockey stick?
I’m talking about a legit place, not a JV player working at Pure Hockey .
I think he is looking for a shot doctor type deal. Someone to ensure his kid has right flex. Kick point. Curve.

At least that is my hope and not looking for a custom colored stick but a stick that is properly fitted to him.

More parents should take this approach ! Bravo sir !
This is the Youth Hockey Board. You seem to have it confused with the NHL Board.

Right flex? Kick point? Curve? Kid ain\\\\\'t Ovi, I promise you.
Maybe my statement was too broad.

I am all for the old school mentality of adjust to what you have and adapt and be able to play with any stick. You are a hockey player, especially at the young ages.


My statement was geared towards that weird age of 13-15 where some kids will be in junior sticks, some in intermediate and some in adult sticks.

If you are playing at a high level at those ages, then having the proper stick for you is a tremendous boost to your ability.

albeit, it may be as minor as your kid belongs in an intermediate and not a junior. Or belongs in an intermediate and not an adult stick.

The lie is somewhat important, although usually overlooked as you see from responses here. Google proper lie. A quick image search will tell you were you belong, or looking at your kids tape wear on his stick. if the kid is wearing out the heel of his stick tape then he needs to change lies. Might not look or seem important but you will see and he will notice a change in his ability to pass, collect passes, shoot and yes. Score.

I have made many kids buy new sticks over the years just to improve there shot velocity, based on having a junior stick and they should be intermediate or an intermediate and they should be in adult.

This is often overlooked, however kids and parents have told me that was the best advice they were given and now they feel they shoot the puck harder and get a confidence boost.

We spend all this time and money on hockey to the point of it being detrimental at points. Why would you not take ten mutes to ensure your kid has the right stick.

And sometimes it means you can get a stick cheaper than the newest top of the line LE stick !

Trust me. The proper stick is important, for Ovi and for your pee wee. One of the better asked questions I have seen on here !

and save me the \"Bobby Orr used a flat stick with no tape\", cuz your kid aint Bobby Orr and needs all the help he or she can get, so give it to them !

This is the Youth Hockey Board. Willing to bet it isn\'t a 13 - 15 year old.

Regardless, you still don\'t need a custom stick fitter (whatever that is). If your kid is good enough for the technical specs of a twig to truly matter, he\'s around knowledgeable coaches. Ask them. Trust them. They know.

Different, but related story. Dad and 14 year old walk into a very reputable local skate fitter. Really all they do. Kid weighs a buck 20 and insists he needs the \$1,000 Bauer senior skates. Fitter tells them they are the wrong skate, way too stiff for his weight, he won\'t sell them, because he knows they will be back saying he can\'t skate in them. Dad and kid storm out, saying \"guy has no clue what he\'s talking about.\"
Seriously. Can someone shoot me in the face !

You bet ? You bet that They are not 13-15 because this is the youth board. Maybe you have a little guy but bunches of 05’s and 04’s on here. That is 12/13/14. They are pee wee and bantam age. Not yet in hiigh school. This is why I said it was more important for that age group, but I digress... did you follow up your post about the ages being off because this is a youth board with an example of a 14 year old after you were done criticizing me for using the 13-15 age range ?
Wow, bit defensive, aren't we?

Re: Hockey Sticks

Does anyone know of a place in New England that you can get custom fitted for a hockey stick?
I’m talking about a legit place, not a JV player working at Pure Hockey .
Just pick a stick and cut it. Anyone that has played can tell you where to cut it.