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Re: Boston Bandits 2005 Elite

If the coach is leaving, who is going to coach next year?
Not the only team blowing up..."09s and 10's too. Good luck with the new "owner."

Re: Boston Bandits 2005 Elite

If the coach is leaving, who is going to coach next year?
There is no 05E team next year....:laughing: :laughing: :bomb: :bomb:

Re: Boston Bandits 2005 Elite

AJ Salerno
I know that it is not fashionable to say anything positive on this site, but I\'ve never been a fashion guy. I would like to thank the entire Boston Bandit organization for the opportunity to coach their 2005 Elite team this year. Although our record was disappointing and we were often overmatched from a roster standpoint, it was great for our players to measure up against the best competition around. The ownership, coaches and coordinators at the Bandits were always professional and extremely supportive. I got the opportunity to learn from great coaches like Brian Pothier, Eric Nikulas and Doug Shepard. Ben Ewing was great and the organization was first rate. I have had two sons play for the Bandits and I could not be more pleased with the experience. Thanks again, AJ.
Very well put AJ.

But now reality has set in. The team you brought up thru the PHL was nothing more than a Town A Team. Maybe now you will listen. You were a decent middle of the road coach with admirable skills for that level. Now maybe you and “ your team” should go back to that level. The EHF, E9 are out of your league.

Arrivederci, adios, bye-bye

Re: Boston Bandits 2005 Elite

Made a big improvement this year

Re: Boston Bandits 2005 Elite

Hey AJ. I don't know you and we will never meet.

Not sure on the motivation to come on the Dbag Board and post that but that's your deal. Advise from an older coach who's been through this a few times now. Ignore the idiots in the entire hockey world, not just here. Keep focused on developing players and making them better. I got caught up with it with my older boy, different focus with the 2nd one.

Regardless of league or record, if the kids got better, had fun, and they learned real life lessons about hard work, well, you did your job.

Ignore the noise. Literally. Don't engage. Become a total mute. This will give you the clarity needed to focus on the important stuff.

People ripping on kids, programs and leagues are in for a rude awakening when things change for them. Not if, when. Good or bad.

Keep calm and coach on.

Re: Boston Bandits 2005 Elite

Thanks CC