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Spring/Summer Tourneys for ‘11

What good spring/summer tourneys are open to 2011s?

Re: Spring/Summer Tourneys for ‘11

The fishing tourny at the local pond u pud. Give your lil bender a break dad

Re: Spring/Summer Tourneys for ‘11

It's called teach them to wipe there a$$ and roller blade in the driveway, it's a local tourney in every town for the '11's.

Re: Spring/Summer Tourneys for ‘11

The fishing tourny at the local pond u pud. Give your lil bender a break dad
Exactly. Play baseball, soccer, hang out with your buddies, ride your bike, go to the beach. It's insane how we live in the rinks for 6 straight months then keep signing our kids up for more hockey in the spring and summer. Take a friggin' break. You kid isn't going pro in 1st grade ... and if he is then he's good enough that he doesn't need to play in the spring and summer.

Re: Spring/Summer Tourneys for ‘11

Spring/Summer Tournaments are a complete waste time. But I get it, you hear a lot chatter from other parents about how their kid is playing in some tournament. My advice is to sign junior up and go see for yourself. All the tournament teams now are pay to play and all of them are willing to take your coin. You'll see how completely pointless it is. Play other sports, do a weekly power skate or stick handling. If he's any good at the sport, junior will be fine, he won't fall behind.