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Re: December’s Taser Show at The Ice Center

Discussed on 98.5 this morning too, a few minutes before 8. Guy called in that saw the whole thing, a parent of the team the guy coached, so no ax to grind. He acknowledged that there was a heated argument going on between two parents (one male, one female), the coach physically inserted himself into the middle of it - whether as a peacemaker or not, he's a youth hockey coach, not a police officer - and didn't do as the officer repeatedly asked and lower his hands. That's called resisting arrest.

Guilty of bad judgement, charges will get dropped to disturbing the peace or some sort of misdemeanor.
i listed to that as well but the guy on 98.5 before and after Cassidy was not a parent form his team. He clearly stated he was from the other team so i am guessing his viewpoint a little skewed.

Re: December’s Taser Show at The Ice Center

This should be a lesson to all sports parents. Shut your mouths and mind your own business. Especially you Shamrocks

Re: December’s Taser Show at The Ice Center

Yes, and in complete contrast to every other witness so far