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Re: Blue Chip Selects.

Better blue chip teams remind me of the true Club teams of 25 years ago. There was only a few of them and the true elite kids from a wide geographic area would play on them secondary to their town teams. Now they play on them secondary to their Fed team. Fed and E9 will probably have a handful of Div 1 recruits per league, per age group. These true elite teams of 25 years ago had a handful of Div 1 recruits per team. Just a consequence of too many teams and too many people looking to make a $$$$.
Very true. Too many options out there now so it's hard to really get the top kids all together. Bluechip 05 is pretty stacked but a lot of their other years have turned into a bit of a friends & family program so that is another reason why they are not dominating like they once were.