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Youth Hockey
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Re: 05 Bulldogs

Seems like you've glossed over the fact that 2 different groups of 10 or more kids have left JD in the last 3 seasons. Is that normal?

Did the crazy parents from the first group hate JD that much to convince the 2nd group of parents to leave the bulldogs 2 years later?
Didn't gloss over anything...

A couple left because the Janas rink is awful. Three left because they had a chance to move up to an "Elite" team. Four more kids left because they were driving over an hour for practices every week. Two that left don't even play hockey anymore and wanted to play baseball year round. None of these reasons have to do with the coach. He doesn't choose the rink for the team. You could also argue that the kids HE developed were now good enough to move to an "Elite" team. Because they are not a founding member of the EHF, the Bulldogs can't offer an "Elite" team. Again, no fault of the coach.

Re: 05 Bulldogs

The owner of the program is a great guy and tries to do what is in the best interest of ALL of his players. He can clearly see most problems are caused by the parents, he has to deal with them too. I'm sure he wasn't sad to see them go! The ones that left, continue to talk bad about the program and bounce around from team to team. No coach or team ever seems good enough for their gifted players. Quite a few left to fulfill their dream of playing Elite hockey with Top Gun. Others have given up playing hockey altogether since they didn't make the teams they thought they would. LOL.

Re: 05 Bulldogs

I guess what you are saying is that the 05 bulldogs is where all youth hockey dreams go to die. You want your kid to quit playing hockey? Send him to go play for JD. :joy: