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Re: U14 Face-Off Break Up

When you run only 2 lines at the start of the season there should be problems

Re: U14 Face-Off Break Up

That is so sad (not) as the owners of this org are trash. Loved how they just did a benefit game (Police vs Fire) for a fallen officers family on the South Shore and had both teams wearing Militia uniforms. How about Police vs Fire shirts? Nothing like self promotion in a game meant for raising $$ for a saddened family.

Re: U14 Face-Off Break Up

Not surprising. I’ve heard rumblings of issues with the 2005 team as well. They were beat in their own tourney by a weekend warrior tourney team that was put together at the last minute. Apparently it’s causing issues with parents cause the coach took kids that can’t keep up at this level. I think this may be the old Conqy team.

Re: U14 Face-Off Break Up

Move the puck or the player. Win win.

Re: U14 Face-Off Break Up

Don't hate the playa hate the game

Re: U14 Face-Off Break Up

I just heard about the break up of the U14 Militia team at the Face-Off this weekend. I didn't see it but I heard there was a fight/argument in the lobby between the Militia guys and the dads. Speculation is the kids are off to other teams. Maybe to help PHC or the Saints? Anyone see this?
Nothing to see here. The main problem was with a daddy coach who threw a hissy fit when his bender wasn't playing every other shift and they lost to the lowly 04 Flames.