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Re: U14 wants to get back into hockey

Most town programs can't cut players. It is usually in the bylaws and would affect league membership with Valley, etc..

Re: U14 wants to get back into hockey

I’m sure she will be fine. She can take 10 years off and still fit in at town girls hockey

Re: U14 wants to get back into hockey

Hard to believe that any town girls program is 'FULL'. usually they are the opposite because even the better players will miss over 50% games bc they typically play neghl. Seriously, write to the coach/board and see if she can practice with team if bench is full. If not as other poster said look at other towns nearby (they really don't care if you live there) or the mycgl which always has a players wanted section. Worst case and you have coin you could always look into a 'club' walpole express, ne pioneers who play town but charge club prices. they will always cash a club level check