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Re: Parity this weekend

the last thing playing for the wizards should be considered is a privilege....LOL. boys program is a swamp

Re: Parity this weekend

My kid plays in the EHF and I think the E9 has better system for parity across the board. However, I do think they should run it at the end of the season, not the start of the season.

Re: Parity this weekend


In the 08 division six teams get auto-bids so three will get a chance to play in. Much better than the EHF which places you in a life-long state of purgatory just because you don't play for a founding member team. Ask the 08 Providence Fryers which system they would prefer.

But next year it'll be different...the EHF will have a few Elite openings when your most competitive programs move to the E9... Thanks RG!!!

Re: Parity this weekend

oops... Friars

Re: Parity this weekend

oops... Friars
Its the PHC now and they are all a very happy family.