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Re: 07 IHC

They dominated every game they played this weekend except a perfectly respectable team in the semis. Leaping to any conclusions about this being their demise reeks of desperation. (Cue the “I’m sorry your bender got cut” chorus.”) My kid is not on this team and all things being equal I think they could stand to be taken down a peg or two, but I’ll hold off on my celly until March.
Saw them play a few times over the weekend. They didn't "dominate" every game. I watched them beat a team from Chicago 4-1 in a back and forth game; that team is 1-9-4. Gap closes as they get older, and there's nothing anyone can do about it. It's healthy for them.

Re: 07 IHC

1. They’re 11. 2. Hard to argue that they’ve had a good run, regardless of their ages. 3. It is bound to end sometime. My point is — why waste your time buying into the hype by obsessively speculating over it? When it happens, it will happen.

Re: 07 IHC

Lost this weekend to the Ct Huskies. That can't sit well in Middlesex.