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Re: Tough guy dads

as a ref - those guys did not do a good job.
Arm was up for the hit right away which was good. But you can not leave the area when there is a parent there and let the coach on the bench stand up there and yell at the parent.
And then the ref comes over and \"chases\" the parent away? His kid just got clocked on a hit that you deemed was a penalty.
Bad game management on their part.
I completely agree with your assessment Mr Ref.

1 Cheap shot hit by the kid
2 Angry parent
3 Coach escalating things
4 Ref not controlling the situation

If item 3 or 4 didn't happen, may have been a different outcome and no subsequent dBoard post.

Re: Tough guy dads

So I’m curious, what did the Blazers coach do during all this?

Re: Tough guy dads

So what about all the tough guy dads? We are they?

Re: Tough guy dads

So I’m curious, what did the Blazers coach do during all this?
From the LB feed, he did the appropriate thing. He walked down the ice past the other teams bench to the player who was knocked down to see if he was ok. His focus was on the child which is the right thing to do.