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Re: It Doesn't Matter Where You Play

God I wish I could go back and play all over again, I could have made the big show. Didn’t have enough drive and dad didn’t push me enough but I had that god given talent. That’s why I make jr shoot 5000 pucks a week and skate with weighted vests every night after practice. He’s gonna make it.....

Some of you psychos need to be institutionalized.
No. I played sports to the maximum level possible given my ability. For me that happened to be college. If your maximum level was high school JV, then I would take my kid over yours every day of the week. The dysfunction that you reference comes from your end, not mine. I\'m not expecting anything from my kid that I didn\'t already accomplish myself.
Difficult to tell if you’re trolling or just an insufferable douche.

If the latter, are you saying that your expectations for your child revolve around whether he plays ice hockey in college? What will you do if he falls under the influence of someone who ignites in him an abiding love for the tuba and a dream of performing in a marching band?
I'm speaking in reference to his hockey ceiling, not his particular interests. He can do whatever he wants with the talents that he has. Personally I'd rather he go straight to college and get on with it instead of playing hockey for two years first.

The discussion is not about me or you, it's about how it doesn't matter where you play. Good players are good players, and good players first need to be good athletes. You can cite all of the exceptions to the rule that you want, but the fact remains if you and/or your wife are not good athletes, you son will not be a good athlete.

Re: It Doesn't Matter Where You Play

Minnesota doesn't have that problem. All their programs are town programs and they develop more national players than Massachusetts does.

Re: It Doesn't Matter Where You Play