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Re: Brick Team Roster

Hockey 101
On the same hand you would be complaining if there were 5 MMF kids on the brick team saying they only pick their own kids. Either way people complain. I think it is good the team may have various players from a bunch of different teams. When picking players for these teams everyone has different perspectives of what qualities and abilities they think makes a player great. However, there certainly are no players that “stink” on any of the teams. These are all hard working kids who dedicate themselves to the sport. Anyone that say otherwise is crazy or bitter. Nuff said!
To clarify, this post is not about the kids. It\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s about the process of how the team is picked and the control exerted by the JB\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s organization and how JB\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s coaches can\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t develop their own players but still hold themselves and their product in such high regard.
Of course the best teams are made up kids from around New England and the roster is loaded with studs, The point the earlier poster is making ( maybe little over stated regarding EHF tryout timing ) is that MMF and JB are marketed together throughout the org. Savvy and experienced hockey parents know to play their kid in the program that suits them best (and maybe it is MMF for some) and if your kid is a stud Teams like JB will find you. CM isn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t turning down studs who played SSK instead of MMF, Cream rises to the top
Actually you\\\\\\\'re the one missing the point of the earlier poster. The point of the post was to say that the roster hasn\\\\\\\'t been released because the majority of that MMF\\\\\\\'s team tried out for the Brick team. They have had a dumpster fire of a season, worst since the JB\\\\\\\'s Premier coach took over 3 years ago. It\\\\\\\'s the JB\\\\\\\'s that are not releasing the roster till tryouts are done so that:

1. They don\\\\\\\'t lose the existing players that tried out (a number have already been seen skating with other clubs)
2. Knowing they will likely be losing a bunch of existing players, they are using the Brick spots as a bait and switch tool to fill the spots they know will likely be open for the MMF\\\\\\\'s next year.

The JB\\\\\\\'s are really focused on controlling things, this is just another example of how they do it.

And on a final note, there are no studs on the 09 SSK\\\\\\\'s teams.
This may benone of the dumbest posts of the yr so far.
Thanks, I truly appreciate that. Let it all shake out and then see how dumb it is....
The entire concept of a showcase hockey tournament for 9-year olds is dumb - and yet - look at this thread and the parents lined up to cut checks. It's an incredible business.