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Youth Hockey
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Re: Ehf

You drinking again ??

Re: Ehf

I know during the summer kids from different leagues get to play with one another but come September we know who rises to the top.
1100 college players, 250 professionals, 3 hobey bakers
Yup. The top kids on each team will rise to the top along with a few kids who have decided to make hockey a priority and have improved immensely. These kids are spread out over various teams and leagues but ... ehf is a dying breed ! League gets weaker and weaker every year, black is nowhere close to high level hockey and white and silver are just false hopes and dreams.

Wait til your kids get older and really start to play with the top kids from the area and beyond. And you start to hear parents reminiscing about how ridiculous they sounded when they said that you have to play in the fed at squirt and peewee to play against the best and get better. It’s just a never ending joke that people grow out of at the same time a new stock gets roped in.