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Re: North/south

Not sure what year you are talking about. USPHL (FED South) had Parity tournament in March. Those with best record in tournament play FED North Elite teams. What is surprising is that Carolina\\\'s and SF\\\'s youth teams do not play in USPHL, their Junior teams are affiliated with USPHL.
They didn't have a parity for the 06 division. So did they pick teams randomly. IHC not going to play teams ranked near the bottom. Cant score enough goals rating wise..

Re: North/south

IHC T1B team played and beat South Florida academy last year...unless they improved tremendously the Elite team will destroy them.

Re: North/south

The 06's did have a parity tournament. I agree (and have always thought) that the elite teams will not want to play the South teams because of the rankings. There is no upside for FED Elite teams to play these games.