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Re: Road blocks

Does anyone see the irony? NY and NJ, two of the worst states for deaths and infections, both which allow hockey, are forcing quarantine on residents of a state with some of the lowest numbers and does not allow hockey. Pure comedy.
What an ignorant comment. Look at recent numbers for NY & NJ not the higher numbers based on April/May.

This is all about recent numbers. How things are now, not how they were.

Re: Road blocks

RI bender the hell is this supposed to work for the CCM Elite Tournament in CT this weekend:
It's unclear to me how it would be enforced any way. Explore the space.

Re: Road blocks

Ct Gov is ready to pull the plug on on the lil infected hethens coming from out of state to play anything. You heard it hear first.

Re: Road blocks

MA just added RI to the do not enter list. So now the 3 states that mismanaged Covid the most in the northeast have added RI to their hot lists. Why? Because of the 144 cases and 1 death in RI today? Panic in the streets!