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Re: Payment reminder

All you hear is skills and drills develop the player, pre-covid that is. Suddenly, games are what matters now, not the practices. I am starting to think that people just like having something to complain about.

Are you kidding? The VAST majority of parents here only think games matter. It's about winning and losing. My team/league is better than your team/league. MHR Rankings and roster cheating.

They're the ones complaining the loudest because without games they have no way to validate their kid's "elite-ness" or the money they're spending on their kid's team(s).

The minority of parents know that skill development happens in small groups and private lessons. Games absolutely matter in terms of thinking the game, you can't replicate game speed in practice. But, the ratio should be 3:1 or even 4:1. And coaches leaning on sticks blowing whistles doesn't count. That's just ingraining bad habits.
Valid points. But the issue is the price the club sets for a skills and practice season. You eliminate refs and some blocks of 80 minute ice and your costs go down. The cost savings can't be more profit for the owners in a pandemic. Money has to come back to the parents. So the OP is correct. Clubs need to be renegotiating with parents for skills and drills season.
Also, expect to lose half your weekend ice with no away games. Each team probably has 1 practice a weekend. So payments should be based on 3 to 4 hours of ice per week and if ice is full or split.
Other risk is shut downs. Either state wide or by team.

Re: Payment reminder

Clubs will keep all their ice, including weekend ice. The only expense saved will be elimination of ref fees. A very small fraction of total costs.

Re: Payment reminder

My NH bender needs to keep playing so please keep your MA COVID infections out of our state. Live Free or Die.

Re: Payment reminder

My NH bender needs to keep playing so please keep your MA COVID infections out of our state. Live Free or Die.
Better keep all your border-crossers home too, then. Odds are WAY greater they're carrying the plague back from their polluted MA office or job site than from kids playing hockey.

Oops, Logical Argument Alert!