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Re: What are people thinking of doing

What are people thinking of doing if there a no games until Jan? And also who knows if we will even have games in Jan. just wanted to see if people were going to do skills/practice for 4 months and possible longer or just shut the whole thing down until next year.

I am on the fence. But think I would want to do skills/practice even if its for the whole year. Its good for the kids to get out and skate. Quarantine sucks. hopefully we don't go back to what it was like in March/April.

Golfing, finishing the summer reading list, detailing both vehicles, home improvement projects, skills sessions, tournaments here or there, plenty of Xbox. It probably will save money and result in better players overall. ~Never been a better time than right now.

Re: What are people thinking of doing

playing out of state games already lined up by organization and also local "scrimmages" that will happen

Re: What are people thinking of doing

Three skates a week and a few long weekend ski trips to break it up.

Re: What are people thinking of doing

Here's an idea...

Give them the options available and let them tell you which one THEY want to do.

Re: What are people thinking of doing

The idea certain groups of kids skill wise are going to escape this thing unscathed is wishful thinking. With the exception of some very elite kids everyone is going to lose something from this. It won’t be a problem getting kids committed to the weekly skills sessions in September but if this thing drags on for months a lot half decent players are going to lose a little steam. Happens to everyone and kids are no different.

Re: What are people thinking of doing

Back to the ponds...Don’t forget the ponds