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So how are games supposed to work now

First, masks on the bench. My kid is a mite and can barely open/close his own helmet cage. Not going to be easy putting on and off a mask between shifts.

Second, masks during face-offs? How is that going to work?

Third, they can't scrum for pucks in the corner? Mite hockey is basically one giant scrum with 8 kids looking for the puck under their skates and 2 smart/lazy kids standing next to the other team's goalie waiting for a pass.

Re: So how are games supposed to work now

The whole thing is a complete joke. They will promote this as a great victory, yet they are concerned about one thing and one thing only.......MONEY.

Do what is best for your kid.

I am already exploring small camps/small area drills and skills and am contemplating pulling the plug on full season E9 for my mite.

Re: So how are games supposed to work now

Maybe mites are too young and should stay home during covid times daddeeee!

Re: So how are games supposed to work now

Mass Hockey is having a webinar to explain how games will work. Read somewhere it t will also be recorded and can be watched later.

This may not be perfect but it's better than the nothing there is right now...

Re: So how are games supposed to work now

It isn't better than nothing for unless you own a rink, a club program, or are a ref. Putting on a mask to take face-offs, wearing a mask while on bench, and no intentional contact - which means no angling are ridiculous guidelines. Angling is still a key aspect of no-check hockey. The previous poster is right, how do you clip a mouthguard to a the face shield and put it in with a COVID-19 mask on? Where do the kids put the mask when they play their shift, on the floor of the dirty bench area? I go with part of BU's slogan: F*ck It and hope for a good year of pond hockey.

Re: So how are games supposed to work now

They should have proposed 3on3 hockey instead. Put the mite boards up, shrink teams to 6 and it would have passed.

It is going to be impossible to do.

Re: So how are games supposed to work now

Looks like the options are wear a mask and you play with no checking. Don't wear a mask and you will basically have a controlled scrimmage with no face offs and quick whistles with every scrum. So get use to face masks.

Re: So how are games supposed to work now

No kid is going to wear a mask on the ice that is absurd. It’s going to be business as usual besides maybe social distancing on the bench, masks on coaches, refs, and parents in the stands. Which is the way it should be.