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Re: Guidelines Still Don't Say Ice Hockey Can Be Played

Hockey Dad
i am os l****ed sick and tired of this fcovid. it has ruined hockey for mec. why before jmy hkid's skill session fi went to thre liquor setore amnd found tphat the priec otf grain alcohol has tripled. hi said to the cashier z'hwats up with that. she said because the distilleries are all making hyand sanitizers so the prodiuction capacity for grain alcohol is down which drives the price up. she said it was basic qeconomics. i sauid i don't know nothign about that but i do know this **** covid is going to bankrupt mex.

Re: Guidelines Still Don't Say Ice Hockey Can Be Played

You are like the frog in the boiling pot of water doesn't realize temperatures are getting hotter is about to die.. you need to get out of that environment.. Yeah I know the Red Sox kick a** in the patriots rule and the bruins of the best you can support those teams outside of Massachusetts.

Stop your b****'s you sound like a bunch of girls..