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Re: Oh, NY is NOT happy!!!

Champions of Cromwell has been closed since July 26th due to “catastrophic mechanical issues” so you have to wonder...just how old and inaccurate is this info?

Re: Oh, NY is NOT happy!!!

Who needs accurate info when you can just use scare tactics to control the masses?

Re: Oh, NY is NOT happy!!!

what does that have to do with the price of eggs in China? The tournament was played in Cromwell...Games on the 26th were moved.

Re: Oh, NY is NOT happy!!!

Stay close and try to follow along, according to contact tracing the CT tournament in question was July31-Aug2 (see the link below). So unless they were playing roller hockey on the concrete at Champions Ice, they weren’t in Cromwell.

Re: Oh, NY is NOT happy!!!

Case of the sniffles must be horrible