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Re: $$$$ Mass Hockey

I didn’t hear anyone on the Zoom meeting today that feels like you do. There’s risk, if people are stupid (and many people will have to fight the urge to be an idiot) then the sport is at risk.

But, from everything I heard we can make this work.

Did you hear differently?

Oh, that’s right. You didn’t bother educating yourself. You prefer to look like a fool.
Please enlighten me what those risks are? The kids have more of a risk getting physically hurt than being affected by this bullish!t virus. Keep telling yourself it’s so dangerous. Be a sheep like the rest of the morons.
Risk of the Gov rescinding the rules allowing games. Not risk of the virus. School is where they will contract the virus.

Re: $$$$ Mass Hockey

The way they have it set up with these stupid rules they should just cancel the season. Bunch of crap

Re: $$$$ Mass Hockey

The only thing that needs to be canceled is mom's snapping pictures in the rink. For christ sake stop posting on social media. Most of the organizations and coaches are working hard to make this happen and are doing their best to keep the kids healthy.

Re: $$$$ Mass Hockey

Payment plans for all clubs need to adjust to the season. Split your payments up from September to February. Hockey shuts down so does your payments. Your team goes into quarantine, so does your money.

Re: $$$$ Mass Hockey

The owners are lining there pockets and gullible idiots keep paying. Only cause they have nothing else to do with their time? Do the math. It does cost $4k-$6k for ice time, games and

This is why there are more teams than ever. Big

Keep on figuring and guessing what is best in a Global pandemi with Legal Attorney are the real money and they will tell you what you can and can't do.