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Re: Massachusetts hockey and face masks

Pretty sure we are going to hear we do not need to have the players wear masks on the ice.

Should be later today or tomorrow.
Don’t count on it Swami
Can't comment on timing, but MA Hockey has asked that the requirement that the centers wear masks for a face-off, and that player wear masks on the bench be dropped.

Defensemen already social distance, and the wings will have to stay 6 feet apart.

And, they said, unequivocally, masks are not required during play. Just for face-offs and on the bench, and that's if the state holds firm.
Can't see the mask rule being rescinded by the state. Baker loves 2 things, masks and testing. He even has been repeatedly asking MA residents to wear masks at family birthdays and bbqs. So if he wants you to wear a mask at your nephew's birthday party he's gonna want the kids in masks on the bench.