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Re: How do the kids actually play the game now

Please, no political BS here. I don't really care what you think about Baker or Trump or masks for that matter. Please take that crap to a different thread.

I'm just looking for info on how things will actually work here. Specifically, I'm wondering about masks during faceoff/bench. One of our kids is a 2012 so he's going to be the tough one. He can open/close his own helmet but he uses a mouth guard tied to the cage, which clearly isn't going to work with a mask. We haven't received any guidance from our club yet, other than asking for the tuition. Anybody else heard anything yet?
It was mentioned in passing last night. Paul Gilmartin (?) suggested for cross ice only 8 players per team.

There was no mention of the older players but I got a sense it was 10 plus a goalie.