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Re: Hey Massachusetts Hockey.....

Moms and Dads have little timmy or suzy bring a mask to their games. Make sure they have it on and use as instructed by their coach /and game ref. Your coach or coaches and ref each game are there to help direct little timmy and suzy.

If timmy and suzy do not like it stay home.

Also Moms and Dads please bring your own mask to the game or share one each period while the other sits in the car because only one spectator per game (take great pics daddee or mommy).

Now stop complaining and let the kids play a game.. Geez!! This is not rocket science! Deal with it.
Just want to point out the refs are not the mask police. They will not be policing this, it is solely up to the coach and faciility.

Re: Hey Massachusetts Hockey.....

Idiots. Don’t they realize that taking on/off the filthy mask will add the germs etc that they are so afraid of? The number one preventative of this BS is washing your hands. What a joke. All will be back to normal by mid November.

Re: Hey Massachusetts Hockey.....

what about social distancing in the back of the minivan with Little Johnny's mother? Mask will hinder her performance and limit Johnny's ice time!!!