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Re: How do the kids actually play the game now

Who is going to actually control the action on the ice? This may work for 12U and younger, but if the refs need to stay 6 feet away from all players, coaches, etc. AT ALL TIMES the refs won’t be able to do it. In order to stay 6 feet away from all players refs will most likely not be able to enter the offensive zone during game action. They will most likely need to stay in the neutral zone and away from the sideboards in order to also stay 6 feet away from the benches.

Who is going to breakup any extracurricular action in front of the net or in the corners after the whistle? Are the coaches going to come off the bench or do the refs just keep pressing the button on their hand whistles hoping the players just stop on their own? What happens if kids start punching each other? The refs will need to just stand there and watch and hope an all out brawl doesn’t breakout. If you think these are not serious concerns you haven’t been watching much 14U-18U hockey lately.
Are these serious issues, or just a sign that some of these rules are wink-wink rules? If you\\\'ve been watching other sports with a list of silly rules, the ones that are impossible to enforce are being ignored. Like jaywalking laws.

So the idea that kids will instantly put on masks after long shifts, or refs will blow 100 whistles a period based on close contact, is ridiculous. Everyone knows it. So if you\\\'re a Covid nut who supports all these crazy rules, pull your kid from hockey today. If you\\\'re not, let\\\'s play along for now and get the games going.
You’re such a Liberal sheep willing to go along with all these ridiculous requirements.

Wow you real can’t comprehend the English language. Since you obviously can’t figure this out on your own, we totally disagree with these draconian regulations and standards and think they should be abolished. That’s the whole point of this thread.

This is Mass. Law not just some “wink-wink rules” as you put it. You maybe a tough guy willing to ignore the law, but rinks can be shut down for failure to comply and refs, coaches, owners, etc. can be putting themselves in both legal and possible financial jeopardy for failure to comply.

You will be the first to complain when some Nancy calls the local board of health or King Charlie’s tattletale line and complains about Mass. Law not being followed at your kids rink and the rink is then closed down for violating the law.
Ummmm this crap is not Mass law. it's king Bakers guidelines, just think of rinks as Vegas, what happens there stay there.
You may not want to accept, but unfortunately, per King Charlie’s orders these Reopening Standards have the effects of law. They are not just guidelines. Otherwise we could all just ignore them and have our kids play all sports, and do everything else, as usual.

Re: How do the kids actually play the game now

Please, no political BS here. I don't really care what you think about Baker or Trump or masks for that matter. Please take that crap to a different thread.

I'm just looking for info on how things will actually work here. Specifically, I'm wondering about masks during faceoff/bench. One of our kids is a 2012 so he's going to be the tough one. He can open/close his own helmet but he uses a mouth guard tied to the cage, which clearly isn't going to work with a mask. We haven't received any guidance from our club yet, other than asking for the tuition. Anybody else heard anything yet?
It was mentioned in passing last night. Paul Gilmartin (?) suggested for cross ice only 8 players per team.

There was no mention of the older players but I got a sense it was 10 plus a goalie.