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Re: E9 parity

Not to far fetched, Saints could win 08 E9 with a little effort. BA lost two of their best players to the EHF. They have 1 blue chipper left at forward and one blue chipper on D ,Who happens to be a young lady.
The Exeter team saw the best goalie in the league move to the Fed. Everyone else is a rainbow team who makes a little headway til the Fed comes knocking and Pilages them. Story of the E9.
Eliminate one of coaches kid, and you have no weak links on that team
That would be:

"Eliminate one of the coach's (or coaches') kids and you have no weak links on that team." You fail.

Re: E9 parity

For fear of piling on a 12 YO I saw a crew of E9 kids on a tourney team mid July.Terrific skaters in warm ups but once the puck dropped it was all down hill. No hustle, couldn't send or catch a pass, gave up on plays. Not saying it cant be coach corrected but it might be a product of their non competitive environment.

I am a Fed Daddio but find it hard to believe, as some of my Daddy buddies believe, that there isnt 2 kids in the E9/08 that could crack a top 5 team or else they would be gone.