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Re: Cases Are Down

Don’t worry folks.

The ‘Rona goes away November 4th if the right candidate wins!
Ain’t that the truth!! (Just not the way you meant it)

Re: Cases Are Down

Fewer than 45,000 new cases in the U.S. on each of the last three days, after zero days that low since late June.

Seven day average in MA is the lowest it\'s been since July 30th.
I want hockey too, and my kids have been playing for a while now. But boy, are you listening to yourself? 45k new cases a day is cause to celebrate? Because we just are the leader of the free world. Only 3 or 4 other countries on this planet are in as bad of a shape than we are. I don’t argue against hockey, but you need a bit perspective how badly we have screwed this thing up.
Stop watching the DNC. You are starting to believe the lies they spew !

Re: Cases Are Down

It's this **** that makes us not believe what we are being told.