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Re: Greater Value: Alternate on 2 Teams vs. Full-Time on 1 Team?

Ain't gonna happen. Don't ask. Just find another elite team nearby if your interested, Also, good luck keeping your bender happy about hockey playing on three teams in one year.

Re: Greater Value: Alternate on 2 Teams vs. Full-Time on 1 Team?

Player needs a place to call home. Full team and an alternate somewhere else if you have that amount of time. Only an Alton 2 teams? Doesn’t seem right or fun. Kids want to be able to get a championship shot in, a reward for a hard season. Alternates, for the most part, are not a part of the team. Some cases where you areare a great contributor to the team the coach calls you 14 times, sometimes you are there as a worst case scenario back up. Most of the team and parents are going to think of you as the worst player ion the team. Older teams do have alternate super stars, an elite player comes in from another league and dazzles the game with his brilliance. Bottom line give your player a team, full time. Also, where the heck is a $500 alternate position being offered? Super cheap

Re: Greater Value: Alternate on 2 Teams vs. Full-Time on 1 Team?

My opinion is there is greater value in practices/skills sessions than games. So, there's 30 games played in E9 each season. That's plenty for me and my little bender. He plays other sports besides hockey. He's been on an E9 team for several years, no issue with coaches or playing time. Occurred to me recently though that he could be an alternate on 2 teams and go to tons of practices and maybe play 15-20 games between the 2 of them for the season. He would also get all the practices he wants during this time and it would be when it works for our schedule (because he's an alternate). I looked into 2 separate programs and both said their "Alternate" cost was $500 for the season. So, potentially, I would pay $1,000 for 2 programs for the year, get the same amount of practice time and maybe 10-15 less games. Why would you not do this? With most programs running $3,000-$4,000 as a full-time player, why would you not take this approach? You control your schedule, you get a decent amount of games and you can take the money you would save by not being a full-time player on one team and put that towards private sessions or skills or camps, etc. Thoughts??? Enlighten me, you hockey hardos...hoping we have a debate that is as crazy as Tuesday night's was...
Maybe a better question would be "alternate on 1 team vs full time on 2 team?"