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Re: PHC Discount for Next Year

PHC is providing returning players a 10% discount on next year's tuition. Based on my calculations of missed games and practices the discount should be 20%. Could others please verify their experience and confirm whether the 10% discount is fair, or a 20% discount is more applicable.

I based my calculations on the total number of skates (practices, skills and games) that were scheduled to occurred over the 2020 - 2021 season. I then summed the number of skates that we actually had and subtracted it from the scheduled number of skates to determine missed skates (Intended - Actual = Missed). I then divided Missed by Intended to obtain the percentage of skates missed and multiplied by 100 to obtain the percentage of discount that should be applied to next year's tuition. (Missed/Intended * 100 = % Discount)

Could PHC members please perform the same calculations and provide feedback about the 10% discount fairness?

I did the calculations and I predict a 1% discount which will be provided in the form of snack bar credits.

Re: PHC Discount for Next Year

You have limited options, love them or hate them PHC is king in RI hockey. Best youth teams and competition in the area hands down. Most efficient alternative is the kings and if your player skates out of risc i would estimate cost would be about $300 in gas and add 60 hours in the car to drive to foxboro per season. Double that for flames. Otherwise join a local town, phl or BHL team.

Sadly even inside the organization games are better compared to other options in the state. And unless your registered with mass hockey, tryouts might be tricky with kings. Bottom line is your probably going to have to pucker up buttercup.

Re: PHC Discount for Next Year

With the rumbling about covid restrictions possibly being in place until Thanksgiving, I can't imagine any MA families outside of elite teams are going to roll the dice and chance the first 1/3 of next year being like this season.

Re: PHC Discount for Next Year

Anyone who signs a contract in RI without the government agreeing to interstate travel is throwing money away. Its the equivalent of placing a bet on a horse with a bad leg. Interstate travel isn't going to be addressed until after tryouts, atleast. Teams will be picked and set by 4/1. As of now PHC, Saints, Mount even the blues and hitman don't have a club league to play in. We all get ehf elite is better than every other league. PHC elite wasn't really an elite team anyway. They would have competed with Bandits to be the worst team in the league. So if your kid isn't being recruited by JH in Foxboro there are other options where your kid won't sit on the bench. Knights in Raynham get auto bid this year. Probably willing to cut half there rosters Express suck at every level except 08. BL actually has a good team. Bring a full team to other age groups and all that changes. Giants will probably take 7/8 kids at every age group to get better. And that extra gas is cut to maybe an extra 50 a year to aboro. E9/bhl teams pay for uniforms parity and you get skills every week. If you can get to 146 or are brave enough to go to lynch. You can jump the boarder for a garunteed league. My kid will never play on a RI team again. They screwed us this year.

Re: PHC Discount for Next Year

The discount is for all players. Not just returning.