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Re: Max Pro Jets Program

Bring your check book

Re: Max Pro Jets Program

I believe you mean to bring your credit card. Max Pro DOES NOT accept checks, so please plan accordingly.

Re: Max Pro Jets Program

What league are these guys in? Dont see them anywhere?

Re: Max Pro Jets Program

What league are these guys in? Dont see them anywhere?
It is an "at large" independent program that collects money, practices, collects money, plays some games, and collects some money. At the end of the sesson the players move on and the parents come on the dboard and ***** about the 5-7k they wasted.

Good luck at tryouts

Re: Max Pro Jets Program

I like the program. Great skills sessions, but very pricey. You see a lot of outside players coming there for privates and skills. The teams play in the PHL so if your lubricant of choice is the E9/EHF label, you won't be happy. In the end it is just hockey. They all end up in beer leagues...some of us are just dumb enough to spend crazy amounts of money to have them play in "elite" beer leagues later.

Find out when your age group does skills, ask($$) if your kid can attend that session.

Re: Max Pro Jets Program

Signed up for Max Pro Jets tryouts and just heard some negative news about them. Should i save my money and play elsewhere
The most professionally run organization in mass that develops huge results in players. The prices per hr of training beat most other organizations while providing superior quality. There’s a reason all of the best ehf/e9 players train consistently with MaxPro. This is the last place you want to ask for any reputable advice on any organization or league. They are simply the real deal.