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Re: Boston (Imperials) Impersonators U16

Where ?

Re: Boston (Imperials) Impersonators U16

Had playoff game and roster was challenged. Team was DQ'd for using un rostered players. Now may be sanctioned by league

Re: Boston (Imperials) Impersonators U16

They weren't ringers, they were paid in full, rostered players who came back after Varsity season ended. Every skater is an Imperial. The idiot coach removed the varsity kids from the sticker because, well... he's an idiot. And if DF didnt have them on the Imperial's USA roster, well then he took tuition money and didnt roster the players which is an insurance liability and gladly nobody was seriously hurt on the ice.

Imperials are not going to be sanctioned by the league, stop.

Get a grip, it's the PHL. Nobody cares. I mean NOBODY cares.

Re: Boston (Imperials) Impersonators U16

You had me for a moment, then you said they had varsity players and I knew this was nor a real post. HAHHAHAHAHHAH